Chapter 1 – 3

The next morning, Rhianna Rouge was not waiting at opening hour.  I wonder if being fired twice on the same day got to her.

He felt embarrassed for going over the top with Rhianna.  Nonetheless, it was his duty to fulfill the needs of all clients that came to him.

Kiel tried to focus on his duties.  But he found himself searching for Rhianna during small breaks.

Lunch time came by without a hint of Rhianna.

Kiel decided to eat out to change his mood.  He brought his nearly empty wallet.  He had yet to earn his first paycheck, so he was borrowing from Clair.  He couldn’t have much luxury.

There were many stalls lined up on the afternoon of the town square.  Good smells wafted from the stalls.  Kiel thought of what to eat while looking around.

Then Kiel noticed Rhianna lined up at the back of one of the stalls.

She was in her usual armor attire.  She noticed Kiel and waved at him brightly.

“Heyo, Kiel.  Are you on lunch break?”

Huh?  She’s happier than I thought.  I wonder if she’s just given up.

Kiel feeling slightly sorry, greeted Rhianna and lined up behind her.

“Kiel, I have something to tell you…” Rhianna said in an apologetic tone.  “The place you introduced me last night… They fired me again.  I’m sorry.”

“Well that’s fine, but have you given up finding a new job?”

“No, I haven’t, why?”

“Uh, I didn’t see you this morning so, I thought you gave up.”

“I was called up for help today.”


“Yeah, I’m patrolling around town for the Busters Guild.  The person in charge caught a cold, so I was called as a substitute.  I’m on break right now.”

“Oh, I see.”

I guess I was just hasty.  Kiel felt relieved.

The two bought lunch together and sat on a bench in the town square.  A rainbow could be seen through the water spraying from the fountain.  A stray cat came to hide behind their bench to avoid the sunlight.

They chatted while eating a fried chicken lunch.  Kiel was listening while Rhianna went on about her job as a knight, and all her fails in the other jobs.  About the time a wild boar came into town, and all the members of the guild were deployed to stop it.  About the time she got in trouble for destroying a dojo while she was practicing a new skill.  About the time she got lost on the way back from a bodyguard mission sending a caravan to a city in the mountains.  About how she had the largest slay-count for the monster hunt last time.

Rhianna looked lively as she excited described many incidents with bright facial expressions and wild gestures.

“You must love your job as a knight.”

“Hmm?  I never really thought about it… but yeah.  I think it suits me pretty well.”

“Then why do you want to transfer jobs?”

And back to square one.

As Kiel asked the question, Rhianna looked as if a cat got her tongue.

“As far as I can tell, you seem to really enjoy your job, so I was just wondering why… sorry.  I guess I’m invading too far.  Please ignore it.”

“Not it’s fine.  I feel not bad talking about it even you’ve helped me so much.  It’s kind of hard to say to people… it’s not really that good of a reason.”
Rhianna started mumbling.  Her nervousness seemed as if she were to propose to someone she liked.

The stray cat let out a yawn and darted away from between their legs.  Kiel waited patiently.

Rhianna finally opened her mouth.

“I have … I have this dream.”

“A dream?”

“Yeah. That’s why I wanted to change jobs… my dream is…”

Suddenly a scream was heard from the other side of the town square.

“Help, a thief!”

Someone yelled.  Rhianna’s voice was lost in the noise.

As Kiel and Rhianna looked around, they saw two bandits rushing through the crowd.  They were pushing through stalls and people away as they ran away.  Members of the Busters Guild were chasing from behind, but they were blocked by the crowd.

Rhianna stood up quietly and put her hand on her long sword on her waist.

“I’ll be right back.  Duty calls.”

Her expression turned stern and stepped forward.  She looked elegant even from the side. And the silhouette created by her back was reliable.

As the crowd split to avoid the bandits, Rhianna Rouge stood firm to greet them.  She took a deep breath and pulled the dully glowing broad sword from her waist.  A gust of wind was gathering around her.

“Dang it.  There’s a Busters Guild knight here too.”

“It’s just a girl.  Let’s take her down.”

The two bandits drew their daggers.  One came forward and made a sharp stab from below.  Rhianna swiftly lowered her blade to block the blow.  The bandit recoiled with his hands in the air, leaving him completely open.  Rhianna took half a step and hit him with the hilt of her blade.  The bandit shaped a perfect curve and fell into the fountain unconscious.

The other bandit was already above her head.  Rhianna swung her sword with force.

“Come forth my blade! Hiya!”

A crescent shockwave flew from the blade.

It was a knight skill that was used to attack from a distance.

There was nowhere for the bandit in the air to run.  Nonetheless, the bandit let out a shout and swung his dagger to release a similar shockwave.  The bandit also had a knight legacy.

The two shockwaves collided and created a blast of wind.  The water from the fountain misted in the air.

The bandit jumped over Rhianna and tried to run away without his companion.  In his direction, a young girl was on the ground crying.  She became separated from her parents in the commotion.  The bandit smiled at this fortune.  He planned to take the girl hostage.


Rhianna tried to release another skill but stopped because she couldn’t without the risk of hitting the girl.  Nor could she make it to the girl before the bandit.

Kiel couldn’t pretend not to watch… he moved silently.

He came in between the girl and bandit.

“Move!” the bandit swung his dagger, “Do you want to die?”

Kiel didn’t move.  He held a pair of chopsticks, the wooden disposable pair that came with the lunch he just bought.

Kiel parried the bandit’s dagger with the chopsticks.  Changing the direction of the moving blade was enough to make the bandit lose his balance.  Kiel chopped a vein in the back of the bandit’s neck with his hand and ended the job.  The bandit lost consciousness and fell face first on the ground.

Silence.  An anticlimactic end.

Most people probably thought the bandit tripped on his own.  That’s how fast everything ended.

The girl’s mother appeared from the crowd and bowed her head multiple times in gratitude.  Kiel kept shaking his hand humbly.

The other knights finally caught up and tied the bandits up.  The stalls reopened, and people started flowing in and out of the town square again as if nothing had happened.

Rhianna caught up to Kiel with a mysterious expression on her face.

“Sorry.  My mistake almost cost your and that girl’s safety.  I’ve still got a long way to go.  Speaking of which… what on earth did you do in that instant?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Kiel shrugged his shoulders. “He just fell on his own.”

“Really? It looked like you were just playing with him.  With your chopsticks like this… It wasn’t something anyone could do.  Was that some kind of skill?  Now that I think about it, it’s strange someone my age is doing desk work.  Were you in some kind of fighting job before?  What’s your legacy?”

“Um, err… Don’t you need to go with them?”

Kiel tried to gloss over everything by pointing out the Busters Guild members who were taking away the bandits.

Rhianna seemed to be curious about a lot of things but turned on her heels to head to work.

“Oh yeah, Kiel.  About just now… about my dream…”

“It’s ok you don’t have to say it.  I understand how serious you are about your dream now. And how much you want to transfer.”

“R,really?  Then… I’ll see you tomorrow at the Hello Work Guild.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting.”

Kiel watched the knights walk away.  He thought it would be a waste for Rhianna to change her job because she fit in perfectly with the other knights.  But, it’s up to the individual to decide how to live their lives.  She has a dream and in order to grasp it, she needed to transfer jobs.  Then Kiel’s job was to support her in every way he could.

Lunch break ended.  Kiel remembered something as he made his way back to Hello Work Guild.  He forgot to mention that Rhianna had to start from part-timer from the next job.

He felt weary that he had to start the day tomorrow by talking about it.


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