Chapter 1 – 2

The next day, Rhianna was once again standing at the doors with the same armor as they opened in the morning.  As expected, she wasn’t as energetic as yesterday, and she seemed downhearted as she walked closer with heavy steps.

“Good morning Ms. Rhianna.”

“G…Good morning, um… Kiel”  Rhianna sat down in the chair sadly.  “Um, I’m sorry to say this but could you introduce me a new job?  I kind of messed up in the last place.  They told me not to come anywhere… sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize.”

If anything it should be me apologizing.  This time I have to try my best to finish this work.  Let’s try asking about some more detail like Ms. Clair said.

“Before we get to other new jobs, do you mind if I ask a few questions?”

“Like what?”

“Since we’re dealing with matters that hold importance, do you mind sharing what kind of problems you’re dealing with in your current work place?

“Um, nothing really,”  Rhianna answered modestly.  “No problem.”

“Huh, nothing?”

“Mhmm, no real problem.  It’s a good work place.  Everyone’s friendly and kind and the job’s well-worth doing.”

…What?  Her response was completely unexpected.  She doesn’t want to change jobs because of the work place?

“Then why do you want to transfer?  If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Weeell, the thing is … it’s kind of private.”  For some reason, Rhianna became bashful all the sudden.  “It’s not about what’s wrong with the work place.  If anything, it’s what’s wrong with me.  Anyways I just have to find a new place to work.  I need to transfer to a new job.”

It seemed like she had something she couldn’t say out loud on her mind.  I guess I can’t probe any further into her matters.

Case by case.  Time to take a step back and see it from a different angle.

“Ok.  In regards to transferring occupation, do you have any requests in what kind of job you want to do or try?”

“I’m not asking for much.  I’m ready to try out any kind of job.  Just give me whatever’s available!”

“A… alright.  That’s a very great ambition.  But could you try to narrow down your choices?  For example, jobs that you can utilize your experiences as a knight.  Jobs that have excursions want people with experience against monsters because they tend to be a threat.”

“Uh, actually wait a second” Rhianna showed a slight sign of desperation.  “Sorry, let me add one condition.  I said I would do anything, but I prefer to do something that has nothing to do with what I’m doing right now.”

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to do anything that has to do with fighting?”

“Yes, sounds about right.”

“Ok, I’ll take those jobs out of the selection, and is there any kind of field you’d like to work in?  I can recommend jobs according to any type of skill you might be thinking of obtaining.  Are you thinking of anything in specific in the future with what you want to do after you change jobs?”

“My… my future?”

Rhianna started blushing for some reason.  Her dignified ego was gone and became a normal fidgeting, shy, pure-hearted maiden.

W..what?  Kiel was surprised by her unexpected cute reaction.  Why is she embarrassed about that question?  This girl is full of mystery.

“Um… I don’t know how to say this but um… I’m looking for a more regular job.  Something that’s closer to a normal life … something ordinary or something house-comforting.”

Rhianna was looking down while pressing her fingers together in front of her chest.

Kiel couldn’t comprehend what she was embarrassed about, but he could tell that it was something girly and private.  Way to make it harder to probe.

But I guess it got easier to find something suited for her.

“Could you wait a moment.”

Kiel stood from his chair and went to the cabinet.

He picked up a few files according to the hints he got from Rhianna and returned to the counter.

No sooner had he started to peruse through the documents he found a suitable recruitment form.

“How about this one?  It’s a recruitment form for the Servant Guild.  They dispatch people as maids, butlers, and secretaries.  If you transfer here, you can learn everyday skills like housework.”

“Wow, that sounds awesome!  I’ll go with that!”

“But, there are other stuff too…”

“As they say, first come first serve!  And strike while the iron is hot!”

Rhianna clenched her fist and took a victory pose.  Kiel shook his head at the clump of simple-minded energy she was and decided to leave her be.

A question came up in Kiel’s mind as he wrote the reference form with a feather pen.

“Oh yeah… how come you’re always in that outfit?”

“Hmm? Is there something strange about it?”

“No, I meant you’re on vacation from the Busters Guild right?  So how come you’re wearing that armor every day?”

“Oh, now that you mention it.  It’s what I usually wear so I didn’t think much of it.”

It seemed like she didn’t realize until now.

I wonder if she’s just out of it or she’s just too used to work.  Kind of a waste.  Not just in her wish to transfer, there’s a lot of things that are a waste about this girl.

“Do you think I should change before I for the interview?”

“No, I think you’re fine.  Knights should have a good impression for the most part.”

Kiel finished writing the forms, pressed a seal, and handed it to Rhianna.

“Thanks!  I’ll be on my way now.”

Rhianna seemed to regain her energy and skipped happily away.

Kiel took a breath of relief and watched Rhianna as she left the building.  Yep, I was able to do a good job there.  I was able to listen to the client and find something suited for her.  Maybe it was a little too perfect?  I’m gonna go put in some coffee.

Kiel went to the break room with high hopes.  Clair came in to drink some black tea as Kiel was pouring water into the magic kettle.  Kiel offered to make it and boiled more water with the magic pot.  With the flip of a switch, a magic circle appeared below the pot and started to heat the water.

These kinds of magic equipment have started to evolve rapidly in the last four and a half centuries and have become a big part of daily life.

The original creator of magic goods was a regular household item craftsmen.  Before the occupation-transferring system was established, the eccentric designer used his talent of magic to craft magic goods, while disregarding the contemptuous views of the public; he spent his efforts to find ways to fuse magic legacy into his inventions.  He’s even in the textbook as the inventor of magic items.

Kiel wondered if Rhianna was the same kind of person.  Living by her own standards even if it means going against her legacy.  What she was doing seemed similar to the inventor, who knows, maybe she might become famous in the future.

Clair stood next to Kiel and asked a question while wiping her glasses.

“That girl just now was the girl who just wanted to change her job no matter what right?  Did you find out why?”

“No, not in detail.  I didn’t ask in specific because she seemed to be kind of shy about it.  But I think I was able to introduce her a new job according to what she really wanted this time.”

“That’s good… That girl is a rising star of the Busters Guild.  One of my former colleagues is working over there right now, and apparently, her skill is so extraordinary, gossip about a recommendation to the White Falcon Guild was being rumored.”

The White Falcon Guild stood at the top of paladins, were the elite of the elite of white knights and only took direct orders from the monarch.  The top of the pinnacle and admiration of any person with a fighting legacy.

But, she wants to transfer.

Rhianna was saying she wants to avoid fighting occupations.  And it was something wrong with her.  I wonder if she got tired of fighting.  She said she wants to do something more normal.

Kiel prepared the tea leaves for the black tea and poured the water.

A rich, red color seeped from the tea leaves, and a pleasant aroma filled the air.

“Well everyone has their own personal reasons,” said Clair. “Plus legacies and personalities are two different things.  Just because the job is a match for their legacy, that doesn’t mean it fits their personality.  Some people can find the perfect job but can’t adapt to the environment.  Then they start looking for other possibility or start looking for other dreams and find new jobs… sigh, how nice it is to be young.”

“… Ms. Clair?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”  Clair made a small cough.  “Anyways, everyone has their own reasons.  You have to look at everyone’s needs and help them face their future.  That’s our job as the Hello Work Guild.  Thanks for the tea.”

Clair took the teacup and left the break room.  She was saying some elderly stuff, but she’s only like 20 years old.  I guess work is getting to her.

Kiel peeked at Clair’s desk and saw the usual mountain of documents on her desk.  I guess even the chief-class people don’t have it easy.

I guess I should bring her some sweets or something eventually.


A new complaint came in as soon as the afternoon duties began.

As soon as Kiel reached the counter, a young girl in a maid outfit came.  She pouted her cheeks in an angry matter.  She even had horns on her head, never mind they were just cat ears.  She also had a long, slender tail was growing from under her skirt.

“We’re in so myach trouble.  Rhianna’s cute and hard-working but she’s just too myach, she goes over the top with everything.  She puts too myach energy into wiping the floor and makes holes in the walls, breaks every plate she washes, topples over the clothes she’s trying to dry, and she even beat up a customer thinking they he was a trespasser.  We’ve had too myach.”

The more Kiel heard, the more he felt bad.  He had nothing to say.

“So we’ve decided to ask her to leave.  Here’s our nyew recruitment form.  Do you think you can find someone craftier next time meow?”

“Understood. I apologize for the trouble.”

The cat maid continued to pout and walked out.

Kiel sighed with his head down.  There goes another one down the drain.  I thought this time would’ve gone great.  It’s strange that Kiel felt depressed as if it were his own matter.

The next client was already waiting once Kiel had come back from putting away the new recruitment form in the cabinet.

Another maid.  Kiel for a second thought the maid came back to complain some more but with a closer look he saw this maid had no tail or ears.  And with an even closer look, he realized it was someone he knew.

“… I’m sorry.  I was fired again.”

It was Rhianna.  She seemed apologetic and small.

She was probably in a maid uniform because she came directly after she was fired from the Servant Guild.  Maybe it was the gap between her regular knightly appearance, but she seemed cuter and more vulnerable than usual.  Kiel wanted to just gape at her for a while.

“I apologize for my consecutive visits but can you find something new for me?  Please!”

Rhianna put her hands together as if to pray.  She had multiple bandages on her hands.  It seemed like she was putting in an effort.

“Ok,” Kiel answered and nodded mystically.

Of course, not only could Kiel not give up because it was work but also he probably couldn’t forgive himself if he did.

The second job introduction today.  Let’s try finding a job according to what we’ve done so far.

“How about this one?  The Restaurante Guild is looking for a new chef recruit.  It might sound hard, but cooking comes in different ways.  This might suit you since you’re a knight you must be used to using all sorts of blades.”

“Oh, this never came to mind.  Yeah, I’ve got confidence in my sword skills.  Cross cuts, flow cuts, combo slices, chain slices, you name it I can do it.  I’ll cut down any monster that stands in the way.”

“Maybe you won’t need those kinds of skills.  You’ll probably be cutting meat, fish, and vegetables.”

“You never know.  Either way, I’ll do my best no matter what I’m against.”

“… Just don’t overdo things.”

“Of course! Leave it to me.”

Rhianna was already back on her feet, smiling brightly in a victory pose.

I wonder if she really understands.  I don’t think she knows how to take it easy. I’m a little worried.  Kiel thought that her skills shouldn’t be a problem this time as he finished writing up the new reference letter.

“Thanks Kiel.  I’ll definitely beat them this time!”

“You don’t have to beat anyone… Good luck.”  Kiel answered with worry.

Time to go.  Rhianna left full of energy.

Kiel started to feel ticklish over Rhianna’s smile and words of gratitude.  It was a faint hunch, but he gradually felt the worthiness of doing this job.

The only thing to do now is to wait and pray.

Kiel naively thought, hopefully, it goes well.

Nevertheless the inevitable happened.

On the same day, a cook from the Restaurante Guild came barging in with a red face.  And of course, the reasoning was the same as the nurse and maid who came previously, the notorious feats of Rhianna.

Cutting the whole kitchen counter in half while trying to cut ingredients.  Causing a fire from trying to cook some stuff.  Spilling the secret sauce by turning the pot over.  The kitchen was in mayhem.

She was being called a walking obstruction and a land mine girl.

Thus Rhianna was fired for the second time today.


After closing hours, Clair called for Kiel.

“Can you post this on the bulletin board in the town square on the way back today?”

Then she handed Kiel a few copies of flyers.  They were part-time recruitment notices for the Hello Work Guild.

“Is this recruitment for a part-time here?”

“We lack in labor too you know.  But we’re at our limit with our budget this quarter so we can’t take any more full-timers.”

Part-timers can take part and do miscellaneous work regardless of talent.

Generally, regular duties are held by full-timers, and part-timers are in charge of small miscellaneous duties.  In most guilds, reception and small chores are done by part-timers.  Unlike full-time, part-timers have some leeway in working time, so it isn’t unusual for people to have multiple workplaces.

“Speaking of which, did you get more complaints from places you introduced?”

“Uh, yes… It’s about that Rhianna girl.”

“Hmm, Clinic, Servant, Restaurante… If the complaints keep continuing, we have to do something about it.”

“For example?”

“Like make her give up on changing her job.”


“When we think about what’s best for a client, sometimes it is best for them not to change where they work.  In the girl’s case, she’s already in her perfect job, and if things continue going in that way, she’s already got her future set.  In contrast to that, she’s messing up where ever she goes.  Given her qualities, skills, affinity, and just everything in general, I think she should give up.  That’s what I think anyway.”

“But it’s up to the actual person to decide.”

“That’s where you have to think of a convincing argument.  If you want, I could do it for you?”

“… No, it’s my job… I’ll handle it.”

Kiel staggered a step back, bowed down and said goodbye.  He tiredly walked to the door.  His legs were weak, and he was also nauseous.

The sudden dead end.  Kiel didn’t think things would end like this.  Tomorrow, Rhianna’s going to come again to find a new job.  Kiel elaborately imagined the day in his head.

He felt sick.  He felt as if he could’ve done more.  Maybe other places that might’ve suited her better.

She was putting in a lot of effort.  Still staying happy no matter how many times she failed.


Kiel stopped with his hand on the doorknob.

Is it really going to end like this?  Can I just go home like this?

“Um, Ms. Clair.”

Kiel turned back.  Clair waited quietly for Kiel to continue.

“Do you… Do you think we can hold back on Rhianna’s case a little longer?  If she still wants to try, I want to give her more of a chance.  Please”

Kiel begged with his head down.  Clair answered in an indifferent tone.

“Is that because of your responsibility as her charge? Or is this a personal emotional matter?”

“…… A bit of both.”

He couldn’t tell a bad lie.

Silence.  Kiel waited for an answer with his head bowed down.

Clair gazed at the top of Kiel’s head and smiled slightly at the change that was occurring inside of him.

“Okay, I’ll leave it up to you.”

“Th..thank you very much!”

“However… I can’t permit you giving out any more full-time jobs to her.  It might be harsh, but any more trouble will harm our trust.  So introduce her part-time jobs.”


“Yes.  She should try out her adeptness through part-time first.  If she doesn’t like it, I’m sure she will give up on changing jobs.  And if she still wants to try, do your best to support her.  Part-time recruiting forms are on the lowest shelf.”


“Alright… You can go home now.”

“Okay, see you again tomorrow. “

“See you tomorrow.  Thanks for the flyers.”

Clair waved her hand and went back to the paperwork on her desk.

Kiel bowed once again before leaving.

After leaving the Hello World Guild hall, Kiel posted the flyers on the bulletin board in the town square before heading back to his dormitory.  Other guilds also had numerous flyers posted so he couldn’t post everything and one flyer was left over.  He decided to post it another time when there was space, so he folded it and put it in his pocket and hurried his way home.

The sun was starting to set in the west, and the streetlights began to light up.  It was a magic setup that automatically lit up once it got dark.  A warm, orange glow wrapped the town.

Kiel saw a knight patrolling amidst the people walking home and thought of Rhianna.

Kiel thought of how to explain the new situation to her.  He felt heartbroken imagining her reaction.  But that was part of the job.

Kiel let out a deep breath while gazing at the cloud of stars in the distant sky.


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