Welcome to the School Life of your Dreams

“Ayanokouji, do you have time?”

It’s here.  It came after all.  The worst case scenario.

I was trying to feint sleep when she came.

The demon came to interrupt my meditation (my sleep) to synchronize my mental state to reality.

Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11 was playing in my mind.  The inspiring music associated itself with an apocalypse, frightened people, being chased by monsters; a song that was perfect for me at that moment.

I could tell with my eyes closed.  The presence of a demon standing next to me, waiting longingly for her slave (me) to wake…  Hmm, how do I get past this obstacle…

I wracked my brain to figure out how to avoid this danger.

My solution… keep on feinting sleep.  Operation “fake sleeping”.  This is the way to go.

If she was a nice girl, her reaction might be something like, “Well, I guess it’ll be bad to wake him up, I’ll come back later.”

Or maybe something more like, “… If you don’t wake up, I’m gonna kiss you! Smooch.”

“If you don’t tell me you are awake within three seconds, my thunder shall fall.”

“… What the heck is that supposed to mean.”

The operation failed in under a second; I stood no chance against her violent threats.

My last sign of resistance was at least to not raise my head.

“Just as I thought, you are awake.”

“I already know how scary you can get when you’re angry.”

“That’s good.  Can I see you for a bit then?”

“… What if I say no?”

“Hmm… it’s not like you have the right to refuse, but I guess I would be very agitated.”

And then she continued to add.

“And if I get agitated, I’m sure it’ll affect your future in this school, Ayanokouji.  For instance, finding a mountain of thumbtacks on your chair, having water poured on you in the toilet, or being poked with the needle of a compass.  Those kinds of phenomena might happen.”

“That’s just bullying!  Not to mention that last was unusually real, and I feel like it’s already been happening recently.”

I reluctantly woke myself up.

A beautiful girl with long black hair stood next to me and looked down at me with her intense gaze.

Her name was Suzune Horikita.  She was a member of the freshmen class D of the High School for Advanced Education, and my classmate.

“Relax.  That was just a joke.  I won’t pour water on you in the toilet.”

“What about the thumbtacks and compass!  Look at this!  I still have scars from before!  What are you going to do if this doesn’t go away, huh?”

I rolled up my right sleeve to show Horikita the stab marks on my arm.

“Where’s the evidence?”


“Like I said, where’s your evidence?  Are you going to blame it on me without any evidence?”

It’s true that I didn’t have any proof.  Horikita was the only one close enough to stab me with a needle, and she was polishing her needle after I felt a prick on my arm… But true, that wasn’t adequate evidence to confirm her act.

Nevermind, let’s get back to the main topic.

“Do I have to help?  I thought about it, but I think …. “

“Tell me Ayanokouji.  Regretting in suffer or regretting with despair.  Which would you choose?  I think you should take responsibility for forcing me back.  Don’t you agree?”

A typical Horikita choice with only bad ends.  And it doesn’t seem like she will let me off the hook either.

It was my mistake for making a contract with this demon.  I decided to give up and become obedient.

“… And what exactly am I supposed to do?”

I asked with impending fear.  I wouldn’t be surprised at any request.

I asked myself for the millionth time, why this happen.

I met this girl exactly two months ago.  On the day of the entrance ceremony….


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