The Shape of Japanese Society

Here’s a question for you.

Question: People are created equal. True or False

Today, according to society everyone is equal, or rather it is preached that they are equal.

The controversy about gender discrimination is a never-ending topic, and how to take action against it is always being debated.

Let’s increase the female labor force, make female-exclusive train cars, or give them priority in name listing.

Movements for disabled people to be considered equal and to lose the term “disabled” are also being taught to the children of today.

Is this truly the correct thing to do?  Disabled people are still handicapped no matter how moderate the expression may become.  Ignoring reality will not change anything.

So the answer is false.  People are neither equal in birth nor existence; there is no such thing as equality between people.

Once upon a time, a great person said, heaven does not create people on top of people, nor does it create people below people.  However, this wasn’t made to say that people are equal.

The truth is, there is a continuation to this famous phrase.

It continues like this.  We are all equal when we are born but why then do differences appear in social hierarchy and jobs.  And then it proceeds like this.

The difference emerges with the effort one makes to study or not.

That’s the truth of the famous “Encouragement of Learning”.

This hasn’t changed and is true even today in the year 2015.  If anything, the situation has become more severe and complex.

What I want to say is… We, humans, are a sentient being.

Just because we aren’t equal, doesn’t mean that we should live like animals.

In order words, the term equality is nonexistent, but at the same time, inequality does not exist either.  I am trying to find an answer to forever sought question to humanity.

You, reading this right now.

Have you ever thought deeply about your future?

Have you ever thought of the meaning of going to high school or university?

Perhaps somewhere deep inside, you may be taking your future lightly and not really caring about what is coming?

That was the case for me.

I didn’t realize the importance of my future until after compulsory education, and I went to high school.

The only thing I felt when I entered high school was the sensation of freedom; the freedom of being freed from forced studies.

At that moment, I didn’t realize that my future, my life was going for a big turn.  I didn’t even understand the purpose of learning Language Arts or Mathematics in school.


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