Didn’t do anything yesterday.

Can’t do anything today.

Probably won’t do anything tomorrow.

North of the capital Reinbell, deep in the forest stood a shack nearly broken down.

There, a boy lived his life, day in and day out with no promise of anything exciting.

The war against boredom was infinite.

No going out. His ground of activity was limited to the small quarters of the house.  The only way to kill time was by paging through ancient books he had no particular interest in, cleaning as a part of an exercise or pulling out weeds from the lawn.  What a dull war.  The food was a rationed stale bread, weak soup, and a wild salad.  The same untasty menu every day.

Almost as though living life as a prisoner.  But, it’s just a matter of perspectives.  Shelter, three meals a day, and ample time without working.  Might not be too bad of a deal after all?

Just living the free life to its fullest.  Do you wanna try riding the wave of life?  Free admission!  Try it out today!  Warning* Not recommended for the mentally weak.

If you experience it, you’ll understand.  Wasting life like this makes you feel like you’re dissipating your existence.  You aren’t of use to anyone.  Erased from existence.  It makes no difference whether you’re there or not.  Better if you weren’t there if anything.  That’s why you’re here.  No problems if anyone dies here.

A volley of depressing thoughts.  A never-ending negative spiral.

That’s why I’m always having nightmares.

Half of them were real memories.  Past recollections of a battlefield.

A daunting, black lion.

Fallen comrades.

An endless number decisions before his eyes.

Choices that mustn’t be made; that couldn’t be taken back.  But there was no other way.  The moment he reached out with the tip of my fingers, his legs would give out leaving me to fall into an abyss void.

That’s when he would always wake up.

The boy heard a knock that startled him awake as he was nodding off by a window.  It was too early for the rationed food to arrive.  A sudden shift in his unchanging days.  What is it?  Did my last warning come in?  Will I be dragged out of here and put into a real prison?

With anxiety left trailing in his mind, he opened the door to find a tall, slender woman waiting.

She looked around twenty years old.  She seemed familiar … or not.

It took a bit to remember.


“Hello.  Your eyes lack life, but you look a lot better than I expected.”

Her expression lightened up and smiled softly.  She was tailored into a white blouse with a long black skirt.  Nonetheless, a warm embracing atmosphere glowed around her.

“I came here today for you.”

“… Huh?”

“You can leave this place.  Congratulations.”

“… Huh?”

The boy was unable to react to what the woman said due to his long period of isolation.

He couldn’t decide whether to be happy or sad.  His surprise surpassed his happiness.

Was it even something to celebrate.

To begin with, it wasn’t he couldn’t leave the house because he didn’t want to, but because he was so used to life here, life on the outside was unimaginable.

“I’m still trying to process everything, and I don’t know if … And I’m sure you know but there’s a good circumstance behind my seclusion, and compliantly there’s a possibility that I could cause a problem and this situation is already past my hands and in this case this might be the best choice, maybe we should think through it a little bit more?”

“Don’t be such a child.  You choose what you want to do.”
The women handed him a form with a beaming smile.

The boy glanced through the form quickly.

And let out a weak laugh.  What is this … Relief, doubt, cynicism?  He couldn’t quite put his finger on how he felt.

“Alright … but even if I leave, where am I supposed to go…?”

“You can work for me.  This is what I do now.”

The women pulled out another sheet of paper from her pocket.  The quality of the paper looked much cheaper than the form just now.  She opened up the creased paper and handed it to him.

The boy took it and looked at it for a while.

It was a newspaper ad with a company’s name and slogan in big print.

“Hello Work Guild ~Leave it to us to fulfill your dreams~”


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