Chapter 1 (Transfer Knight)

The cavalry platoon made its return from its expedition on a beautiful day under the sunlight.

The female knight at the very end of the formation breathed in the nostalgic air of the town.  Her dark crimson hair blew along her shoulders in the light breeze that swept through the lively streets.

She was one or two times smaller than any of the other sturdy soldiers.  Nonetheless, her figure clad in armor on her horse gave her a gallant image.  She already had the likes of a knight.

She also had the largest slay-count of monsters in this latest expedition.  Although the monsters weren’t powerful, to begin with.

Recently the threat of monsters has plummeted; ever since the Garland Empire and its Overlord collapsed in the war 300 years ago, Silphia, this continent has been able to sustain an era of peace.  No significant military clashes occurred due to the alliances and cooperation of multiple nation-states.

Today, war is considered to be somewhat of a fantasy, and the roles of knight-related jobs have changed completely.  Expeditions to remove monsters in neighboring areas were held once a month, although this was only really an extra precaution.  Generally, knights were stationed to enforce the public order of the town.  They have more opportunities to handle people than monsters.  This was the ironic reality of the change in era.


Bells started to ring as the platoon passed a church.  A flock of white pigeons flew away.

A wedding ceremony was underway.  The heavy doors of the church opened and revealed the newly-wed groom and bride.  The guests celebrated the wonderful cause with applause and charades of petals; the platoon also threw some whistling in the direction.

The female knight was captivated by the bride clad in a dazzling, snow-white wedding dress.

At that moment, she wasn’t a gallant knight; she was a maiden lost in her daydreams.


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